Gunilla Horvath
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Gunilla Horvath

Gunilla Horvath

I’ve been working in the field of private client law (Wills, probate, trusts and powers of attorney) for over 18 years. I consider it a privilege to help people at often difficult times in their lives.

My aim is to make the process as easy for my clients as possible with clear, concise and down to earth information.

I’m passionate about my work and believe everyone, young and experienced, should have a Will and powers of attorney. After all, a Will is simply a form of financial planning (you decide where you want your money to go) and a power of attorney is a kind of insurance policy (you hope you don’t need the protection provided but if you do you’re definitely glad you have them). My particular specialism is in utilising the flexibility of trusts, through Wills & lifetime settlements, to protect family assets for future generations - whether it be a modest sum of money, the family home, agricultural land or heritage property.

In 2008/9 I took a career break of 18 months and spent part of the time travelling on my own around the world. I experienced the unselfish kindness of strangers, as well as poverty - the likes of which I could only imagine, yet the whole experience was cathartic and taught me a lot about myself. I became a much more intuitive person which I believe has helped me in understanding the needs, sometimes unspoken, of my clients.

For a few years I spent time outside of law as a financial adviser so I have a good understanding of investments, pensions and life assurance

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