Dental Negligence Claims

For some people, just going to the dentist for a routine check-up can be a scary experience

It is usual to place trust in your dentist as you would any other medical professional. This is why it can be devastating to feel as though the treatment you received was negligent.

Below are just some of the types of negligence we have dealt with in this context:
• Taking out the wrong tooth.
• Leaving part of a tooth or nerve root behind.
• Failing to diagnose an abscess.
• Substandard root canal treatment.
• Substandard crowns and fillings.

If you believe your dentist has been negligent in any of these areas, you may be entitled to a dental negligence claim and we strongly encourage you to get in touch for free initial advice.

Our solicitors will take time to listen to your experience and will pay close attention to any claim of malpractice you have with regards to your dental treatment.

Our dental negligence team will also advise you on your chances of success should a claim be taken forward.

Contact our team to discuss your potential claim by email or call 0117 239 8012

Dental Negligence Claims FAQs

  • Should I feel guilty about bringing a negligence claim against my dentist?

    No you should not.

    If you have received negligent dental treatment from your dentist that has caused you pain and suffering which could have been avoided, it is only right that you should recover compensation.

    It is highly unlikely that your dentist will take it personally and there is no reason why you should not continue to remain with the same dentist if that is what you wish to do.

    Alternatively, it is usually straightforward to transfer to another dentist within the same surgery or move to a different surgery altogether.

    If you would like some more information about this article or if you would like to speak to someone in our medical negligence team, please call us on 0117 239 8012 and we’d be happy to help you.

  • How long will a dental negligence claim take?

    Dental negligence claims are not particularly quick, but if your dentist admits negligence early on in the claim then that will go a long way to shortening the length of time it takes until you receive your compensation.  

    On average, a dental negligence claim will take between 18 months and 2 years.

    If you or someone you know has suffered from negligent dental treatment then please contact our dental negligence team on 0117 239 8012..

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