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What you need to know before you interview a candidate

August 17, 2017

Now that job candidates can issue employment tribunal claims without paying any fees, employers need more than ever to get workplace issues right.

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Do you know what rights job candidates have? What steps should you take to select the right people and avoid claims from unsuccessful candidates?

A disgruntled candidate may allege you discriminated against them on the grounds of a protected characteristic (sex, race, age, disability etc.). This could be either that you did not select them for an interview or you did not offer them the job.  

Even if the allegation has no merit, it will essentially be up to you to show there were legitimate reasons for your decisions.

A candidate’s right not to suffer discrimination comes from The Equality Act 2010. This makes it unlawful for you to discriminate against or victimise someone:

  • in the arrangements you make for deciding who you will offer a job; 
  • in the terms on which you offer employment; or
  • by not offering them a job.

It’s also important to remember that you have obligations to your existing staff. This includes not being discriminatory about offering them access to promotion, transfer or training.

To learn more, join us at our HR Employment Breakfast '5 things you need to know before you interview a candidate' on Thursday 12 October, where we’ll also be discussing  other topics you should know before you interview someone, including:

  • Doing your homework
  • Job applicants have rights too
  • Liability for discriminatory questions and decisions
  • When you can (and can’t) ask questions about someone’s health
  • The importance of having a good paper trail

Please reserve your place online here or call Lisa Spanos on 0117 930 7567.

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